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Cemetery: Bath Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Allman, Albert Clarence 03/16/1920
Allman, Cyril L. 00/00/1932
Allman, Emma Alice 04/10/1947
Allman, Erie Altha 11/25/1949
Allman, Florence L. 04/04/1961
Allman, Georgia G. 11/09/1964
Allman, Harvey Wayne 04/16/1894
Allman, John B. 03/21/1972
Allman, John Wesley 03/04/1934
Alpeter, James E. 10/24/1985
Alpeter, Margaret Andrews 11/13/1998
Amole Sr., John Robert 05/18/2014
Amos, Marilyn G. 11/29/2005
Amos, Richard E. 11/20/2005
Anders, Bobby 00/00/0000
Anders, Enie E. 11/28/1988
Anders, Harley 00/00/0000
Anders, Roy Herman 10/11/1982
Anderson, Dorothea 09/08/1963
Anderson, J.H.(Joseph) 00/00/0000
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