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Cemetery: Bath Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Simmons, Jonathan 00/00/0000
Simmons, Mariah 01/20/1863
Simmons, Molly A. 060218??
Simmons, Paul G. 10/31/2010
Simmons, Philetus S. 01/12/1836
Simmons, Rosalvo F. 09/06/1813
Simmons, Ruby 06/01/1815
Simmons, Sibble 00/00/1811
Sinkhorn, Peachie 07/29/2011
Sinkhorn, Peachie Aline 07/29/2011
Sinkhorn, William A. 10/30/2005
Skinner, David A. 00/00/0000
Skinner, Gertrude 00/00/0000
Skinner, Gertrude 00/00/0000
Skinner, O.W. 00/00/0000
Skvarka, Deborah Renee 04/26/2009
Slusser, Helen Phyllis 01/05/1981
Slusser, Richard E. 10/11/1994
Smalley, Frank A. 03/22/1900
Smalley, Nellie M. Nash 02/23/1931
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